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Murray McDonald




This is one of the Best books I have read in a long time. I thought I had figured out the "whys and the "wherefores" as the story developed and then did a double flip backward as the book and Mr. McDonald threw my collective thoughts into the shredder...

What a fantastic book. It just doesn't let up the whole way through, It's like the most brilliant rollercoaster ride - plenty of highs, lows, twists and turns, red herrings, jaw-dropping shocks, but also some humour, all wrapped up in such a great story...

Rich in action, fast in pace, Murray McDonald has crafted a book with plenty of quirks of humour and action. Briefly visiting fascinating locations while weaving an action packed tale of survival of the human race... or is it human?

Five Star review,

Five Star review,

Five Star review,



I grew up with a pen and paper in hand, writing my every thought and feeling, penning my masterpiece from a young age. Okay, okay, that's utter BS, I never wrote a word until I was in my thirties, had no intention, thought or inclination to write. I loved to read, fast paced action thrillers. I devoured them, literally having to take a case for books on any foreign trip - it was before amazon and kindle - I know, I'm that old!

I had an idea for a TV format and thought I'd write a backstory, before I knew it, I had a Young Adult thriller (Kidnap) and soon after another (Assassin). With interest, from no less than, J.K. Rowling's agent at the time, I thought, maybe I'm not bad at telling stories. If you're reading this, I hope you agree. Beyond that, I Live in London with my family and very cute little dog, Shadow. 

And if you are wondering - it's a German typewriter, it'll save you the google search I've already done!

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