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Young Adult Thriller



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Over 18 Thriller

Twenty Three

When Kay Miller arrived as the newly appointed Deputy Sheriff of Vinalhaven Island, she couldn't have anticipated the chaos that would turn the tranquil island into the murder capital of America.

It is down to Kay, the newest member of Knox County Sheriff's Department, assisted by Maine State Detectives Abercrombie and Winters, to uncover the shocking events behind the murders and bring those responsible to justice.

As the story twists and turns to its stunning conclusion, nobody could have anticipated the final outcome.


President Clay Caldwell was the president that American citizens had always dreamed of. With approval ratings unlike any in decades, his re-election campaign wasn't an "if" but a "by how much of a landslide" he would win his second term. However, none of those citizens were aware that he was no longer in control.

As tragedy befalls his closest advisers, he finds himself with nowhere to turn when an unknown power begins to exert control over him. With his daughter's life on the line, he looks to the only man who can save her - and save America from the unfolding chaos. He is the one man he can trust to help him uphold his oath to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the United States.

That one man, an unlikely choice, comes with his own problems, and a dog...

Twenty Three

No Power. No Telephone. No internet. No T.V. No Transport. Nothing.

What will you do when the world as we know it stops?

For Kate Wolfe, the answer is simple - whatever it takes to protect her family.

For Bob Jackson and his militia, it's the day they've been planning for. The day they take control.

When the two collide, as the city of Boise falls to ruin, nobody can predict how things will end.


The God Complex

When Cash Harris visits his father for the first time after a fifteen year estrangement, things don't go anywhere near as planned. By the end of the night, he finds himself embroiled in a plot to destabilise the government, his father has been assassinated and he discovers a shocking truth that would have fundamentally altered his life fifteen years earlier.

However, all of this pales into insignificance when, along with his best friend and ex-fiancee, he fights for his innocence and the chance to save a world they didn't even know needed saving. They uncover the truth that has been eluding mankind from its very inception. Life, the universe...everything...nothing is as it really seems.

The God Complex
America's Trust

When ex-CIA analyst Tom Butler stumbles across evidence of a conspiracy that will destroy America as a free nation, he must do whatever he can before it's too late.

Not knowing who he can trust, Butler has to resort to extreme measures to reveal the true nature of America's Trust. As he nears his goal, America is plunged into crisis. A war everyone thought would happen fifty years earlier, suddenly and inexplicably, raises its head.

With the world's armies bracing themselves for a battle nobody could see coming and America on the brink of annihilation, Butler realizes the scale of the conspiracy was far beyond even his worst nightmare...


The greatest manhunt in the history of the United States is launched as one of its own turns against it in a devastating and truly shocking attack. One of its most trusted and capable agents is revealed to be one of the most deceitful and traitorous men ever to have lived.

The scale of his deceit and hatred for his country is unveiled to the world as he promises a reign of terror that will destroy America. Sparing no expense or resource, the American intelligence community, law enforcement agencies and military might are unleashed to catch a man they spent twenty years training to be one of their very best.

The race across the globe intensifies as the deadline of the attack looms and the full extent of the Traitor's plans are pieced together. America, as a nation, is facing its greatest threat to its survival since the height of the cold war and the menace of nuclear holocaust. Only this time, the enemy is going to die trying...

America's Trust
Divide & Conquer
Divide & Conquer

When ex-CIA operative Sean Fox returns from Afghanistan, he's expecting an easy life. As far as everyone who knew him is concerned, he's already dead.

And as far as the Mexican drug cartel and the Russians are concerned, dead is what he should be.

Within hours of what should have been a relaxing homecoming, Sean is fighting the greatest battle of his life and trying desperately to save the wife and child of a man he never knew.

Divide & Conquer is the action packed opener to a scintillating new series...

Critical Error

When top CIA operative Sam Baker rescues a kidnapped CNN reporter and her cameraman from the hands of Palestinian terrorists, he uncovers a plan to devastate Israel. Unable to stop the attack in time, Israel is rocked to the core as over 4,000 of its youngest and most vulnerable citizens are slaughtered.

Four years later, retired and enjoying a new life, his own family is slaughtered in a bungled attempt on his life. Dealing with his would-be killers, Sam sends a warning to his brother, Senator Charles Baker, a presidential front-runner, that he too is about to be assassinated. Sam’s hunch is right and thanks to the quick actions of a Secret Service agent, the Senator is saved. Sam is left with no choice but to leave his new life and revisit a life he had left far behind.

After the devastating attack on its children, Israel’s leaders unleash an old and top secret plan in retaliation – ‘Project Ararat’. Rebecca Cohen, mother of one of the slaughtered six-year-olds and ex-Mossad assassin begs to be allowed to help in whatever way she can. With vengeance driving her on, Rebecca uncovers an even greater risk to her country and to America. The terrorists have managed to secure five nuclear weapons and plan to strike Israel and America

As Sam and Rebecca unravel the truth, their paths weave perilously together and they become unwitting pawns as their governments are more deeply embroiled in events than anyone would have thought possible.

As the nuclear deadline looms, we find out just what happens when you push a country too far…

Critical Error

Scott's life is turned upside down when he is wrongly accused of a crime. A crime which alerts a very powerful group to his very existence. An existence they believed they had extinguished twenty five years earlier. It seems his very being is a threat to them and as such, must do whatever it takes to kill him.

However, there appears to be one major flaw in their plan, Scott is not all he appears to be!

Best not have an early start in the morning, Scion is an action packed thriller that will have you up all night.

Young Adult Thrillers


Kidnap is the first instalment in the action-packed Young Adult series featuring Tom and Lela Kennedy. Tom's father, Donald, is a billionaire businessman while Lela's father, Saki, is a lethal martial arts warrior.

Tom's parents are saved from a team of assassins by Lela's father, a bond is created between the two families which is stronger than blood. Tom gains a sister and Lela gains a brother and a mother, as the two families become one.

Being one of the world's richest families brings more problems than you would expect and before long, Tom and Lela are fighting for their lives. With only their friends to help, Tom and Lela must overcome a powerful enemy in order to save themselves and their parents. However, with friends like Tom and Lela's, it's the enemy that needs help!

As the story twists, turns and races across the globe, we see just how powerful and resourceful a group of teenagers can be!

Young Adult Thrillers

Tom and Lela are in for the battle of their lives as the stakes are raised in their second action packed adventure in 'The Billionaire Series'.

With their parents imprisoned in Africa for mass murder, Tom and Lela not only have to save their parents but also the family business.

With just about everybody doubting the Kennedy's innocence it is left to Tom, Lela and a few well connected friends to uncover the truth and save the day.

Although it seems on this occasion Tom and Lela are up against a much deadlier foe...

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